Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Project November

Decided to take an idea from another blogger (Things That Make Me Happy...), ‘cause I loved the idea so much.      November can be a tough month (for some) – Thanksgiving (Canadian) is over, Halloween is over, and really, November is (usually) dark, rainy, and well……eventless.      While I love the fall on the whole, I find a few of these months pretty tough.     And this has nothing to do with wacked out hormones.      It’s just……….well…….November.

So I decided to borrow the idea of listing all the great things to love about this month, November.      Here it goes:

1.   The Ottawa Wine and Food Show is this weekend (gastro delight)
2.   A few friends’ birthdays (means celebrations)
3.   The time change – brings bright mornings (come on that’s a good thing)
4.   Lots of time for early Christmas shopping (delayed pay-off I know – we’ll be happy for November the week before Christmas)
5.   Time to experiment with the CrockPot (made amazing stew last night – I wouldn’t do this in July, just sayin’)
6.  Project Yoga – lots of time in November, get your ass to Yoga
7.   The Muscular Dystrophy Gala here in Ottawa – fun and a good cause
8.   One last hike in the Gatineau park
9.  My new fabric for my headboard arrives this weekend – this means decorating project coming right up
10.   Movies – it’s a month to catch some new flicks.
Bonus:      My Hunter rainboots arrived today – Monday, November 1st.


So all in all, we should have gratitude for November.      November is an AWESOME month providing all kinds of opportunity for cool projects, getting outside before the (really) cold weather, hooking up with some friends before all the crazy Christmas parties start, and cooking some good food.

Is anyone out there buying this?

So, what’s on your top 10 list?

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