Monday, August 6, 2012

Look who's back!

Hello The Life Beautiful Project - I've missed you!    Decided to be-friend you again to show the world that I'm really not a sloth, and that I can get my ass moving (sometimes :)).   Ha-just kidding of course.

But what did get me thinking was a recent renovation (a purrrrdy one, not a hold-the-roof up/down kind) and well, like every other Blogger out there, wanted to capture the hard work, the ideas, and the transformation.

Oh, and that goes for the 'bod' too - am also on a body transformation (also the purddy kind, but keeping the roof would be good too :P)     So will share that as well.   Part of "the mission" is living wheat/gluten free - it should be an interesting journey, but pretty easy so far.   Thank the stars for Quinoa pasta, that's all I gotta say.   More on this later.

If you haven't been here before - you will soon realize that everything I do is a project.

OK, so first off - we have transformed our kitchen.    We have been working on it for over a week, and well we are (almost) done - all but the caulking at the countertop. 

Here's a quick snapshot (albeit taken with my blackberry) just to give you an idea.     You can ignore the coffee pot - it's my attempt at being a creative photographer :P

And my fav light from Restoration Hardware:

Stay tuned for the complete viewing - hopefully later today.   God I hope it's today.

Thanks for dropping in......

Happy Canadian long weekend.