Monday, March 21, 2011

Mind Over Mood

Isn't that a great statement - mind over mood?!!    You know sometimes, if we really apply ourselves, we can change the lense to which we see things/people/occasions/incidents, which then changes our perception, and then changes our mood.

Sometimes, we should ask ourselves:  is there another lense I can apply here?    Is there another way to see this thing I'm seeing or experiencing?     Where is the evidence to back-up or support what I'm perceiving.   If the evidence is not there, then change the lense, my friends.  Life is too short.

Tell me, is there a time where you changed the lense, and it changed everything?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Today, a few weeks from today, and "D"

What a beauty day in Ottawa today.    Wasn't completely warm by any means - I think it was +5 but it was sunny and the snow was melting, water was running, puddles were forming, and there were people out and about.  A sure sign of spring.

WORKOUT - 3.5K today, and yesterday too, I might add - nice and slow, but I got out there (helps to have a new playlist.)     Today was my third run of the week.    Yeah!  I might just be back.

Tomorrow will be ski day - and likely the final ski day of 2011, so no running for this cat.  But will be out in the sunshine, banking the oh-so needed Vitamin D.  

Did I meantion that my "Complimentary Medicine Doctor" advised me to take 5000 IU's of Vitamin D?  Yes, he did.  So, am following these directions- bought Vitamin D drops, so it's easy to get down in a little water.  Will keep you posted if I feel any difference.  

Now, my hubby and I are contemplating some vacation time.    We are tossing around some various ideas, and are crossing our fingers they work out.     Will keep you posted on this too.  

"Oh so powerful Universe, if you can make this happen, I will pay back, and forward, if you will just accomodate"

Any vacation on your radar?

Friday, March 18, 2011

Hello Running Shoes - nice to see you again

Did I mention that I used to be a "runner"?    What is a runner anyway?    When do you cross the line of getting out the door occasionally and being a "runner"?     Does anyone know this answer?    Is it 3x per week?   Is it 30K a week?  10K?   50K?  It is a comitment to a goal like a race?  or is it just the love of the sport?

I like to think the answer to ALL the questions is YES.   

So, I've been out twice this week, and the week is not over yet.    Took a vacation day from work, and was out the door running at 9:00 a.m. with my friend Nat (thank you Nat for kicking my butt out the door after copious amounts of wine and pasta last night).   

Foot felt pretty good, so immediately started to plan my next outing, which will be sometime this weekend.  Or maybe both days, but don't want to push it.

(Note: I've been off running since last summer with a foot injury, so am trying to force myself to come back slow and easy.)

That said, I made a new playlist for running.    Pretty excited about it - can't wait to get out there.    Feel free to copy it - I hope you like it.

Have a wonderful weekend - what are you up to?  

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hello Universe, thanks for the touch-down.

The universe was looking out for me yesterday.     Or maybe it was karma.   

I went for blood work yesterday morning - yes, I ventured to a lab on a Saturday.    OK, so let me just say to any and all who might read this, stay as far away from a lab on a Saturday morning as you can.    AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID.

When I walked in, the waiting room was packed.    You had to take a number, and so when I did, I looked down at it - 67.   In slow motion, I looked up at the digital number thing - 32.     Oh, God, hello, why didn't you warn me on this.    I had groceries in the car, and a dog who is a foodie, to say the least.

So, I sat down beside a gentlement whoooo.....had a sense of humour, shall we say.     We chatted, I laughed at his jokes, and we were kind to one another, in a place where everyone was frustrated and less than impressed.     

So, I called another lab, thinking maybe this was an anomaly - only to find out, it is like this in all three (yes, only three) labs open yesterday.     As I was on the phone listening to the fact, that Saturday's are generally a few hours of a wait, the chipper little dude I was sitting beside, handing me his number, made the gesture of "Shhhhhh" and walked out the door.   His number was 48 and when I walked back into the waiting room they were already at 40.    

So, this serves as a shout out to the Universe!!  Thank you!!!

All the best for a great week!!!