Monday, August 6, 2012

Look who's back!

Hello The Life Beautiful Project - I've missed you!    Decided to be-friend you again to show the world that I'm really not a sloth, and that I can get my ass moving (sometimes :)).   Ha-just kidding of course.

But what did get me thinking was a recent renovation (a purrrrdy one, not a hold-the-roof up/down kind) and well, like every other Blogger out there, wanted to capture the hard work, the ideas, and the transformation.

Oh, and that goes for the 'bod' too - am also on a body transformation (also the purddy kind, but keeping the roof would be good too :P)     So will share that as well.   Part of "the mission" is living wheat/gluten free - it should be an interesting journey, but pretty easy so far.   Thank the stars for Quinoa pasta, that's all I gotta say.   More on this later.

If you haven't been here before - you will soon realize that everything I do is a project.

OK, so first off - we have transformed our kitchen.    We have been working on it for over a week, and well we are (almost) done - all but the caulking at the countertop. 

Here's a quick snapshot (albeit taken with my blackberry) just to give you an idea.     You can ignore the coffee pot - it's my attempt at being a creative photographer :P

And my fav light from Restoration Hardware:

Stay tuned for the complete viewing - hopefully later today.   God I hope it's today.

Thanks for dropping in......

Happy Canadian long weekend.


Friday, September 2, 2011

More on the living room front

living room

living room by essandjae on

Working on my living do-over.     And of course loving Polyvore.      Am trying to get a pop of colour without being colourful if that makes sense.

Hope you like it!

$1,148 -

Ikea Ektorp
$239 -

Zinnia Blossom Pillows
$149 -

Poppy Citron Pillow
$129 -

COCOCOZY: COCO'S Flower Cotton Pillows

COCOCOZY: Quatrefoil Pillow


Polyvore Experimentation

It would seem my experimenting with Polyvore is directly linked to my blog.    Well there y'a go.    Who knew.

So, these are some of the items I'm stalking right now - I am re-doing our living room, and am trying to capture all my loves in one place.

You really should check out this site - it's amazing!     I'm officially addicted.

Happy Long Weekend!