Wednesday, April 27, 2011

DIY Dresser - yes please

So, I've been scouring Craigslist and our local St. Vincent de Paul looking for a DIY project.     I have a hankerin' to create.     This would be fairly evident from my pre-Easter project.   I've never thought of myself as crafty or creative, but it seems to be bubbling up from somewhere.   God knows from where.    I was always the athlete, not the person to sit down and draw, or make cards, or anything of the sort.   That was always just a little too fluffy and girly for me.

Ahhh, but decorating, design, furniture, houses - all a different story.   This would seem to be my creative niche.  

I want to do this project  by Centsational Girl.   I just have to find the right piece.    And hence, my daily drop-in to the St. Vincent de Paul.

Isn't it pretty?    I love the knobs and handles.   I'll keep you posted.     

Oh shabby dresser, come to me..................

Monday, April 25, 2011

Yes, yes, words to live by

Grabbed this off of a blog I follow occasionally.    Loved all of it!     So, much so, I think these should be the new Commandments.

Happy Monday!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring has arrived whether it likes it or not

Happy Good Friday!      I'm not sure that "happy Good Friday" is appropriate given some religious acknowledgments of this day, and so, in recognition of that, "happy Friday".    It's sunny;  people are out in their yards, cleaning gardens, music is playing from various sources - spring has arrived I'd say.

I've been starting to feel myself come back alive after a long and somewhat rough winter.    Creative juices are starting to flow, and I've been feeling the need to be surrounded by flowers.     Yesterday, I had coffee with my friend Gloria from TrueBliss Coach and after, I dropped into Michaels.      There, I picked up a bunch of flowers for my wreath project.

You see, my front door, in my opinion, is a reflection of me (I think Martha would agree).    Recall my Christmas project.

That project included sticking (yes, with sticky backing), on to the door.   You know, the kind that pulls the paint off :-{   This seemed like a great idea at the time, as my sites were set on the end result.

So, like all (I hope?), once Christmas is over, it's over dammit.    And those wreaths were comin' down.    Oh, but that's right.   The sticky hooks were still there.     So, I did what every impatient person does (I hope?), and I pulled the hooks off.     Well you know the rest of the story.

That just wouldn't do - so I put new hooks back on the door, bought some basic vine-y time wreaths in the meantime, till "we" :) can re-paint the door.

B-O-R-I-N-G!!!!!!!   I did leave it like this for awhile - it served the purpose, and hid the icky paint chips (which are the size of saucers I might add).     Ahhh, but this week, I decided to bring on spring.    Whether spring wanted to or not, it was arriving at my house.   And hence, the trip to Michaels, follows by the Dollar Store, St. Paul de Vincent (thrifting), and The Salvation Army Thrift Store.
First, the new door:

Also want to show you some of my other finds.   These are all flowers from the dollar store - a buck a piece and they look so real, don't you think?

These little vases I found at St. Paul de Vincent.   They are scalloped around the top - so pretty.  And, .69 cents each!!!

This little vignet is also from St. Paul de Vincent.    The tray was so pretty I couldn't pass it by - and only $3.49!!    The owl I will spray paint white.

And a little somethin' pretty from the garden - these are real, honest!

And that's it my friends.    Crafty Sue has risen (pardon the play on words :)).    My next project will be some crafy, home-made outdoor wall art for the side of our garage door.

Happy Easter to all - I hope the bunny is good to you, and you are surrounded by peace, love and joy. 

If you have any crafty ideas for me, please share.    I'd love to hear what you've got on the go.