Saturday, November 27, 2010

It's starting to look a lot like Christmas

Oh this weather just puts you the Christmas spirit doesn’t?      I know, the driving is treacherous and its damned cold out, but it is sunny, and we should be grateful for that.     And, the ground is white rather than dark and muddy from the rain.     Everything is bright.      Ahhhhhhh.

Speaking of Christmas spirit, I am happy to report my front door has now met Christmas.       Ooooo, and I am happy.    Exactly how I envisioned it.     Happy.   Happy.    Even did a little inside decorating, although I had to hold of my hub as he wanted to put up the Christmas tree – there will be no Christmas tree trimming inside “the Alcohol free zone” zone.    Nope.    That is one tradition I am not prepared to give up.     We always whip up some chocolate martini’s, blare Nat King Cole, and trim the tree.      The tree can wait just a little while longer – besides it’s only November (maybe someone should tell the weather man).
In the meantime, here is our front door and a little something extra with our left over wreaths (we had 5 from last year’s decorating project).
Christmas on Eden 001
Christmas on Eden 002
Christmas on Eden 005
Traditions are good for the soul, and so is decorating for Christmas I say.   Please share -what are your traditions?   And how do you decorate for the season?

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