Saturday, November 13, 2010

Itchy. (it's not what you think)

I’m feeling creative lately.      Maybe it’s the sun.      Maybe it’s where I live.   I’m not sure, but I have an itch.    I find myself searching for creative endeavors.       My house has had an overhaul in my head, a few times over (never mind my headboard – argggh).      I have an itch to start a business – but I’m just not sure what?    (if you have any ideas, please feel free to share).

We spent the evening with friends last night over take-out Chinese food, brainstorming on local hotel/motels, pizza joints, gyms, and wine bars.     I think it would be so rewarding to own my own business.     Doesn’t have to be big, but something that I could create, grow, work at while it satisfies this creative itch I have.     But I don’t think it’s just an itch per se – I think this might be something that is meant to be in this phase of life.

Yes, I have my real estate license, and no, not sure how I’m going to use it yet.    But I’m thinking….ohhhhhh, I’m searching.

In the meantime, I thought I’d share some  of my creative itches:

dark flloors
Loving these dark/black floors – (photo via Decor Pad via Design Sponge)

headboard fabric

My headboard material – it arrived yesterday but we weren’t home to accept it, so looks like a Monday night project.

triple wreath

As mentioned before, I have a thing for door wreaths.     Am especially excited for this Christmas, as I’m doing just this:    the triple door wreath ensemble.   Oh yes, can’t wait, might even do it today!     Here  is a great video from House and Home on DIY holiday door wreaths – enjoy!

sarah richardson front door

I love these outdoor arrangements – this is another winter project of mine.   This picture is Sarah Richardson’s front door, complements of House and Home.


My final creative itch is to culture stone our fireplace.    This is not our fireplace, but am aiming for a similar look.     (photo via Aurora Masonry)

Well, I think that’s enough itchin’ and scratchin’, off to dig out my wreaths.     I’m worried the neighbors will think I’m crazy putting up Christmas wreaths.    But who cares, right?

(do you think it’s crazy?)…………….

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