Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Oh the joy

Today is ending so awesomely (is that a word, I think so, no red underlining).     Okay, so today.      Weekly team breakfast meeting at work - went pretty well, made some contributions, didn’t sound crazy or anything.      Check.

The rest of the day was…….also pretty good.     Heard back on a proposal we submitted, that we are in first place so far, and now it’s down to pricing.     And we priced to win.       Check.

The rest of the day was f-i-n-e.     Nothing special.       Afternoon a little long I must say.      Mini-chocolate bars in the kitchen disappeared, so didn’t even have any chocolate to entertain myself with.     Yes, I know, I am better for it.    Yada yada.

But, the piece-de-resistance was this evening.     I went to watch my friend play women’s volleyball.     And when I walked into that gymnasium it was like I was home.    For those who don’t me, I played women’s volleyball alot of my life.    Varsity volleyball in high school, played some college ball, and played on women’s teams through my 20’s and 30’s.      Fell away from it when my ladies started having babies, and well I really haven’t played since.

That old familiar smell of the gymnasium, the sound of balls hitting the floor from women running drills, the sound of sneakers on the hardwood, the ref’s whistle blowing, the cheering, the camaraderie – ohhhh, I’ve got the fever.     I’ve been away so long, I thought I had lost it.
You know, I think there’s something just so good about sports.     And playing sports.     I wonder sometimes, if we spend too much time in the gym, or doing solo type activities, ie, running, yoga.      It’s good for the soul to “play”.

So, while the leagues have already started, I’ve committed to putting my name on a spares list, and getting back on the court.   

I fell in love all over tonight.        Here are some shots that bring me joy.

US Women’s Team.

Wasn’t sure which team this is – but check out their reach – wowza!

US Women’s power hitter.    Check how much air she has!!!  Yeah!

“Play” is good for the soul.      I know I don’t “play” enough.      Do you?

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