Saturday, November 6, 2010

The best about.........

Friday nights.    GAWD does it get any better than Friday nights?    Really?
So had a pretty hectic/crazy/busy day today at work.         Never mind, a fairly busy week of socializing with my G’s (aka girlfriends –‘cause I”m cool) [quiet].

But then 5:00 PM hits, the drive home, a stop at the Wine store for a few bottles (yes, I’m expecting this lasts the weekend!), and home I go.  

Made a fire (a real fire), opened a bottle of red, hub had beers, ordered a pizza, fires is a-blazin’.     GAWD, it’s all good.     (OK, so I know, you think I’ve had too much wine right?    You think I’m all happy because of the wine, and not because it’s Friday night).     Well, neither of us are wrong :)      Not gunna lie.
And now, it’s 8:15 and I’m in bed with my laptop.    More goodness here. 

In the meantime, we’re expecting snow this weekend, again.    Was in Home Sense last weekend, and have begun the search for the Christmas door wreath.     Since my fall mum’s are dead (everyone else’s are alive, I DO NOT know what conspiracy theory is exactly going on here, but, I don’t care if they’re dead, so there!)

I must say I do have a thing for wreaths.      And these (from Martha Stewart) make me very happy.    Even happier, than my Shiraz infused happiness.     Is that possible?    Wait, does that even make sense?

triple wreath

I love this.   This may be on my door very soon – worth a drive-by.

While my front door is not white (it’s blue) this is very fresh and clean.   I like’it.


There is something just so refreshing about green and blue and Christmas.   It’s a modern green and red, I find.   LOVES.


Love this idea.   Not lovin’ the green paint, or the candle sconce in the middle of the huge wall, but I do love the idea of the wreaths and the garland.

Hope you are enjoying your Friday night.      Tell me, are your mum’s dead?     If so, go buy a wreath and get on with it, that’s what I say!

Happy Friday.

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