Thursday, November 25, 2010

Frankly, I love John F. Kennedy Junior

Am cozied up tonight watching Oprah’s 1996 interview with John F. Kennedy, Jr. who I had always had a fairly serious crush on (but really, who didn’t have a crush on this amazing man?).      I even had a crush on his wife – was totally smitten with her beauty, her grace, her style – she was just lovely – Caroline Bissett Kennedy.

This man was eloquent, articulate, and graceful.     And frankly, was much more enjoyable to watch and listen to than his interviewer.      Thankfully for America, Oprah has grown, matured, become more introspective, and has decided to listen more, and speak less (she has, hasn’t she?)
JFK Jr. is 50 today.     The world saluts YOU John Kennedy!

(these are some of my favorite photos)

                      salut jfk                 
(photo via Celebrity Bride Guide)    Ohhhh, just so so beautiful.

          john and caroline laughng
jfk dog
(photo via Celebrity Dog Watcher) – Man after my heart.

(photo via Ultimate Carolyn Blogspot)    Beautiful.

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