Sunday, November 7, 2010

What you learn when you're listening

What an awesome weekend this has been.   Nothing special really, and I think that’s what makes it awesome.      Lots of rest, some good food, wonderful wine, crackling fire, a shopping trip with my sis – all good.    Oh and I should mention a facial yesterday.

Which brings me to my facial yesterday.      I have never been one who likes facials.   Way to much goop on top of goop for me (problem skin, you see).     WELL!       I saw the most amazing woman here in Westboro (Ottawa).   She owns a company called Woman Divine.   She is…… Magdalena.      She is a trained massage therapist, turned face/skin miracle worker.       She complements her Facial services with massage, and by the end you’ve almost had a full body massage to boot.     The most wonderful experience I’ve had in awhile.

          Woman Divine JPEG

But it gets better.     She treats her patients holistically!     Not kidding!.     Could I have been any happier with this revelation(?).     She explained to me that our skin is directly impacted by what we eat.   I get that.   We all get that.     However, she explained that when we eat high acidic foods, while it leaves our body in an over acidic state which is terrible for our health, it also irritates our skin.    An acidic internal environment creates inflammation and irritation, which of course comes out in our skin.    She also mentioned that when our internal environment is overly acidic it also translates into similar emotions – irritation.     I found this to be just so interesting.

Causes of high acidity:    coffee, chocolate, wine (all bad news I know), red meat.      Something that promotes an alkaline environment (which is a much healthier state), is lemons.     One would think that lemons would be acidic, and while they are, they turn alkaline once ingested. 

So while freshly squeezed lemon water in the morning is good for the liver, it would seem it is also good for Alkalinity too!     Who knew!!       Suggest you google this – interesting stuff.

Day full of fun things ahead:      making our new headboard, raking the leaves, a yoga class, maybe a nap, and some delicious dinner.

Oh, and it’s currently 7:00 a.m. and it’s bright out – yahoo!!     

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