Monday, July 18, 2011

The Dreaded Shopping Trip

OK, we all know how hard it is to find good jeans that fit just right, tuck and lift where they're supposed to, and yet still move.    But lets talk about bathing suits shall we.

I have been having this conversation with my big sis this week - the dredded bathing suit shopping trip.   So, I've been looking online at some suits, and am thinking about changing things up a little.    At "my age", do I really need to be in a bikini?   I don't think sooooooo!   (God, has the time come where I"m actually accepting these kinds of things???)

Can a one-piece be cool, and not frumpy?    Is there such a thing?   What about the retro two piece with the high waste.    I think they are kinda neat.     How about tankini's?        And then there's cover ups.    I want a cool, easy going, non-foofy cover up.    Maybe a bit bohemian - I've always liked the hippy look.

OK, so here it goes - what do you think of these?

I like this one-shoulder suit with the ties up the side - think that is a nice touch and added feature.   Great colour too!

I think I love the colour of this one more than anything about it.     Likely hide flaws too.   (what flaws, right?)

Well it would seem this year, I have a thing for all things nautical.    I do love this suit.   Love everything about it.

Think this one is cute too - again nautical.    Love the navy and white stripes.   

For some reason, I've always loved red bathing suits.   I love the simple lines of this suit.   

So, I'm quite digging this retro look.   I love the colour, the halter top tie strings, and all the pleats.    Yup, like this one alot.

Like this one, don't love it, but like it.    Polka dots so big this year.

Can't explain it but there is something I love about this suit and the print.   I see it with flowy cover-up pants.   How fun is that?

Speaking of cover ups - love this one.  Not sure I'd get used to long sleeves in the summer.   Bloody hot around here these days!

Loving this one too - Confirmed:   I'm a hippy at heart.

Simple white cotton dress works too.   Simple and pretty.

So, what do you think?     Can I be a cool 40-something and wear a one piece, or a retro two piece?     Leave me a comment and tell me:    which one would you buy?