Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Arrives with July 1st

We are coming very close to the July 1st long weekend here in Canada.    And so summer begins.    School is out, and many are headed to cottages, camping trips, pools, or just the backyard.

I have such fond memories of our cottage summers - we were so fortunate to grow up in this kind of setting.    Summer brings fond, fond memories for my family and I - so I think "cottaging" should be added to my list.

While we are not cottaging this weekend (by choice), we will be taking in all the things 'summer'.

And this is my little rendition of summer-time.     What does summer mean to you?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

There's a bug goin' around - the "Design Bug" and I have it!

Well, if I'm not swooning over girly things, I'm swooning over thrift shop DIY furniture pieces.    OK, I do read A. LOT. of decorating and design blogs, and I gotta say, they make me crazy.   Crazy to redesign and redecorate my entire house.

That said, when we moved into our house a year ago, I did nothing to put my own touches on the house.    It was summer, it was hot, and we had just finished renovating a ski chalet, so had no energy to Sue-ify anything, considering nothing was offensive.

Now a year later, I have a major hankerin'!!!    Here are some of the things I found on Craigslist yesterday that if they're still available I might just need to buy.

OK, these two pieces together are only $240!!   That's not to say that's what I'd pay for them.   Imagine them recovered in grey linen and with white piping - Ooooooo, swooning.

This sofa is only $75 (ditto, see above).   Yes, it's hideous as is, but re-upholstered in great fabric would be nice - love the swirl of the arms.

This set is only $100 for both!!!!    I NEED (yes NEED) to find a good (and cheap) upholsterer.   These settee's are all the rage these days.   

This coffee table is $20!!   Imagine it spray painted in a wonderful colour.    Kinda like this project from Centsational Girl

Same with this piece for $65.00.    Too much $$ for this piece, but perhaps $40 would do it.    Oooo, spray painted white or yellow - LOVE.

And finally, I LOVE LOVE LOVE these - check out the detail on them.    Gorg, I say!!!     Again spray painted white, or cream.     Price tag:   $70 bukeroos.

So, as you can see, I 've been busy.     My house - well, is instore for an overhaul, me thinks.      But a DIY overhall.    Keep y'all posted how I make out.    Going to check and see if any of these pieces are still available, and just may go and snap 'em up.    Now to find a decent (and cheap, I think I mentioned that) upholsterer.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I'm swooning for.........(alert: girl post)

Something happened over the last couple of months - I seemed to have turned into a girly-girl.    Now, I don't know how this happened or exactly when it happened, it just did.      Strange but true, I have fallen in love with all things feminine and pretty, and ruffley and pink (and white), flowers, dresses(!), and curls.

It's a mystery really, but "whateves" as they say on............some show.    Thought I'd share with you, all of the delicious things/looks I'm swooning over.

I have a new found love for nail polish.   NEVER in my life have I worn nail polish.  OK maybe an occasional pedicure which is complete and utter tortune for me, but it just wasn't my thing.   You see, "I" was an athlete.  And very few athletes wear nail polish, don't you know.     Guess I'm not an athlete any more (oh well).  I just LOVE this colour - and will be heading on over to Holt Renfrew to pick it up for my my next "weekly" (yes weekly!) manicure and pedicure.    OK, I'm addicted.   Speaking of addicted - who does not love Godiva!!???  (never mind, the Benz keys :)

Now, for those of you who have known me for awhile - I do have a bit of thing with my hair.    Nothing to fancy, just colour and volume type thing as I was lucky enough to be born with my mother's hair.    Now she is the sweetest thing that ever walked the face of the earth besides Mother T, but ain't her greatest asset.     So, I bought one of these!!   It's Instyle Magazine's 2011 Editor's Choice Best Buy.    So when I was in the US last week my seester, I bought one.   And let me tell YOU!!!!    You want beach waves, this thing practically transports you right to the beach.     

It's the Remington Ceramic Styling Want.  That's right!!! 

Also got this while in the US - Lip Stain - how smart is that?    No more greesy, gooey, sticky, sloppy lip goop.    Who ever believes that your lips look like lipstick anyway?    Seriously.   All stain baby!

I seem to have found a shoe fetish this season.   While I always loved shoes, I swung to the accessory side more, meaning scarves, belts, jewellery.   But, noooooo, this season it's shoes, to go with all the pretty dresses.     Excuse me???    Where am I, and what have I done with myself?????   (of course these babies are Valentino, regular $695).     Oh there I am! :)   [sorry for blurry pic, must let Mr. V know)

Now let's talk about dresses!      My goodness - it would seem it's a "dress summer".    They are everywhere, and they are "gawg-e-ous".

And the final thing, white, blue and red - the famous Nautical look.    I didn't even know I had this, but when I arrived home home from the US with my purchases, it would seems that most things were either white, blue or red.     In fact, as I write this, I have a navy and white gingam (sp?) dress on with red shoes and a red bag.     Look at that!

Alright fashion Queens (and Kings) [my husband may read this, and he is my Fashion assistant {not kidding}], what are some of your favourite things these days?    Anything this girly-girl should know about?  God knows, my budget doesn't need to know about it, but I'm a genious at DIY outfits.

Happy hotness!  (I mean you dahlings, not the weather) (Ok I'm mostly happy about the weather) (did you see my gardens?????)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Mother Nature - you make me look goooooooood 2.0

The heat is upon us after all the rain, and well, it would seem the gardens like it too.    This is the first spring in our new house, so we didn't get a chance to experience it's spring-time awakening.    

While I always put a disclaimer out there that I don't like gardening, I'm quiet enjoying our front yard gardens.   It's just miraculous how they just sprung up and turned into beautiful fleurrrrs.

Check this out:

Anyway, all to say, isn't spring a miracle??     I'm just mezmerized by it this year.      Must be these miracle fleurrrrs doin' their thing in my front yard.