Tuesday, June 14, 2011

There's a bug goin' around - the "Design Bug" and I have it!

Well, if I'm not swooning over girly things, I'm swooning over thrift shop DIY furniture pieces.    OK, I do read A. LOT. of decorating and design blogs, and I gotta say, they make me crazy.   Crazy to redesign and redecorate my entire house.

That said, when we moved into our house a year ago, I did nothing to put my own touches on the house.    It was summer, it was hot, and we had just finished renovating a ski chalet, so had no energy to Sue-ify anything, considering nothing was offensive.

Now a year later, I have a major hankerin'!!!    Here are some of the things I found on Craigslist yesterday that if they're still available I might just need to buy.

OK, these two pieces together are only $240!!   That's not to say that's what I'd pay for them.   Imagine them recovered in grey linen and with white piping - Ooooooo, swooning.

This sofa is only $75 (ditto, see above).   Yes, it's hideous as is, but re-upholstered in great fabric would be nice - love the swirl of the arms.

This set is only $100 for both!!!!    I NEED (yes NEED) to find a good (and cheap) upholsterer.   These settee's are all the rage these days.   

This coffee table is $20!!   Imagine it spray painted in a wonderful colour.    Kinda like this project from Centsational Girl

Same with this piece for $65.00.    Too much $$ for this piece, but perhaps $40 would do it.    Oooo, spray painted white or yellow - LOVE.

And finally, I LOVE LOVE LOVE these - check out the detail on them.    Gorg, I say!!!     Again spray painted white, or cream.     Price tag:   $70 bukeroos.

So, as you can see, I 've been busy.     My house - well, is instore for an overhaul, me thinks.      But a DIY overhall.    Keep y'all posted how I make out.    Going to check and see if any of these pieces are still available, and just may go and snap 'em up.    Now to find a decent (and cheap, I think I mentioned that) upholsterer.

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  1. I say go for the nesting tables and Sue-ify them! Oh and if you ever find a reasonably priced yet awesome upholstered please let me know!