Friday, September 2, 2011

More on the living room front

living room

living room by essandjae on

Working on my living do-over.     And of course loving Polyvore.      Am trying to get a pop of colour without being colourful if that makes sense.

Hope you like it!

$1,148 -

Ikea Ektorp
$239 -

Zinnia Blossom Pillows
$149 -

Poppy Citron Pillow
$129 -

COCOCOZY: COCO'S Flower Cotton Pillows

COCOCOZY: Quatrefoil Pillow


Polyvore Experimentation

It would seem my experimenting with Polyvore is directly linked to my blog.    Well there y'a go.    Who knew.

So, these are some of the items I'm stalking right now - I am re-doing our living room, and am trying to capture all my loves in one place.

You really should check out this site - it's amazing!     I'm officially addicted.

Happy Long Weekend!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

living room

living room

$1,148 -

Ikea Ektorp
$239 -

Love / Gray and Citron Yellow Stylized Floral Print Pillow Cover 18x18

Love / Plain Tin Slate Wool Hooked Rug

Love / Surya Jill Rosenwald Fallon FAL100 Brown Rug | Contemporary...

Inspiring Spaces / A Little Bite of Everything | An Ikea Rug Makeover

Inspiring Spaces / Google Image Result for...

Inspiring Spaces / Google Image Result for...

Ikea Ektorp


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Stella and Dot

Well hello there,

Ahh, it's been a  long time - sorry about that.   Busy times it seems.    But did I tell you that I'm having a Stella and Dot party???    Well I am.   I'm having a Stella and Dot party on September 22nd.

So exciting - and I think my "event planner" is going to try out a new caterer on all my ladies.

In the meantime, here are some of my fav's - ooooooo can't wait!!

Stella and Dot

If you'd like to come (it's in Ottawa, Ontario) please let me know, I'll add you to the "A List" :)    Or have a visit to the site, and place an order if you would like:

Tell me, what's your fav?

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Quick post here today as we're on the fly.

So, I'm currently on vacation from my work for 2 weeks.    Spent the first 5 days up at the family cottage with my husband's four brothers and the wives - total blast - lots of good laughs and good bonding time for the boys (and the girls).

However, now it's time for house projects.    Something has woken up inside me, and I'm on a mission, to say the least.    Here are a couple of projects that we have in mind for next week:

1.  I have blogged about this staircase in the past, and am still swooning over it.      We decided today we are going to do it next week.   We currently have berber up our stairs, but it's comin' off baby!!   Check out this post from Centsational Girl - Kate's taste is right up my alley.   

2.   I am salavating, swooning, dizzy over this kitchen.    Next week, our kitchen will look like this (minus the dark floors), with some paint, tile and a little marble for our island (if we can find a deal [will likely buy it anyway :)])

Now, I would also like your opinion on wainscoting - too formal, or classy and timeless?  If you know us at all, we are not formal!  Classy, yes :)  Formal, no.   I am thinking of doing this in our living room and dining room (or maybe just one of the rooms, not sure yet).   Looks fairly simple to do - check out this post from Kate from Centsational Girl

So what do yo think?    Do you think my hub and I can pull this off in a week?    

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Dreaded Shopping Trip

OK, we all know how hard it is to find good jeans that fit just right, tuck and lift where they're supposed to, and yet still move.    But lets talk about bathing suits shall we.

I have been having this conversation with my big sis this week - the dredded bathing suit shopping trip.   So, I've been looking online at some suits, and am thinking about changing things up a little.    At "my age", do I really need to be in a bikini?   I don't think sooooooo!   (God, has the time come where I"m actually accepting these kinds of things???)

Can a one-piece be cool, and not frumpy?    Is there such a thing?   What about the retro two piece with the high waste.    I think they are kinda neat.     How about tankini's?        And then there's cover ups.    I want a cool, easy going, non-foofy cover up.    Maybe a bit bohemian - I've always liked the hippy look.

OK, so here it goes - what do you think of these?

I like this one-shoulder suit with the ties up the side - think that is a nice touch and added feature.   Great colour too!

I think I love the colour of this one more than anything about it.     Likely hide flaws too.   (what flaws, right?)

Well it would seem this year, I have a thing for all things nautical.    I do love this suit.   Love everything about it.

Think this one is cute too - again nautical.    Love the navy and white stripes.   

For some reason, I've always loved red bathing suits.   I love the simple lines of this suit.   

So, I'm quite digging this retro look.   I love the colour, the halter top tie strings, and all the pleats.    Yup, like this one alot.

Like this one, don't love it, but like it.    Polka dots so big this year.

Can't explain it but there is something I love about this suit and the print.   I see it with flowy cover-up pants.   How fun is that?

Speaking of cover ups - love this one.  Not sure I'd get used to long sleeves in the summer.   Bloody hot around here these days!

Loving this one too - Confirmed:   I'm a hippy at heart.

Simple white cotton dress works too.   Simple and pretty.

So, what do you think?     Can I be a cool 40-something and wear a one piece, or a retro two piece?     Leave me a comment and tell me:    which one would you buy?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Arrives with July 1st

We are coming very close to the July 1st long weekend here in Canada.    And so summer begins.    School is out, and many are headed to cottages, camping trips, pools, or just the backyard.

I have such fond memories of our cottage summers - we were so fortunate to grow up in this kind of setting.    Summer brings fond, fond memories for my family and I - so I think "cottaging" should be added to my list.

While we are not cottaging this weekend (by choice), we will be taking in all the things 'summer'.

And this is my little rendition of summer-time.     What does summer mean to you?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

There's a bug goin' around - the "Design Bug" and I have it!

Well, if I'm not swooning over girly things, I'm swooning over thrift shop DIY furniture pieces.    OK, I do read A. LOT. of decorating and design blogs, and I gotta say, they make me crazy.   Crazy to redesign and redecorate my entire house.

That said, when we moved into our house a year ago, I did nothing to put my own touches on the house.    It was summer, it was hot, and we had just finished renovating a ski chalet, so had no energy to Sue-ify anything, considering nothing was offensive.

Now a year later, I have a major hankerin'!!!    Here are some of the things I found on Craigslist yesterday that if they're still available I might just need to buy.

OK, these two pieces together are only $240!!   That's not to say that's what I'd pay for them.   Imagine them recovered in grey linen and with white piping - Ooooooo, swooning.

This sofa is only $75 (ditto, see above).   Yes, it's hideous as is, but re-upholstered in great fabric would be nice - love the swirl of the arms.

This set is only $100 for both!!!!    I NEED (yes NEED) to find a good (and cheap) upholsterer.   These settee's are all the rage these days.   

This coffee table is $20!!   Imagine it spray painted in a wonderful colour.    Kinda like this project from Centsational Girl

Same with this piece for $65.00.    Too much $$ for this piece, but perhaps $40 would do it.    Oooo, spray painted white or yellow - LOVE.

And finally, I LOVE LOVE LOVE these - check out the detail on them.    Gorg, I say!!!     Again spray painted white, or cream.     Price tag:   $70 bukeroos.

So, as you can see, I 've been busy.     My house - well, is instore for an overhaul, me thinks.      But a DIY overhall.    Keep y'all posted how I make out.    Going to check and see if any of these pieces are still available, and just may go and snap 'em up.    Now to find a decent (and cheap, I think I mentioned that) upholsterer.