Thursday, August 4, 2011


Quick post here today as we're on the fly.

So, I'm currently on vacation from my work for 2 weeks.    Spent the first 5 days up at the family cottage with my husband's four brothers and the wives - total blast - lots of good laughs and good bonding time for the boys (and the girls).

However, now it's time for house projects.    Something has woken up inside me, and I'm on a mission, to say the least.    Here are a couple of projects that we have in mind for next week:

1.  I have blogged about this staircase in the past, and am still swooning over it.      We decided today we are going to do it next week.   We currently have berber up our stairs, but it's comin' off baby!!   Check out this post from Centsational Girl - Kate's taste is right up my alley.   

2.   I am salavating, swooning, dizzy over this kitchen.    Next week, our kitchen will look like this (minus the dark floors), with some paint, tile and a little marble for our island (if we can find a deal [will likely buy it anyway :)])

Now, I would also like your opinion on wainscoting - too formal, or classy and timeless?  If you know us at all, we are not formal!  Classy, yes :)  Formal, no.   I am thinking of doing this in our living room and dining room (or maybe just one of the rooms, not sure yet).   Looks fairly simple to do - check out this post from Kate from Centsational Girl

So what do yo think?    Do you think my hub and I can pull this off in a week?    

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