Saturday, January 29, 2011

Create what you want, and let nothing stop you

So, I love this guy.    Ya, I know he's mean, and treats people like crap - it's not those attributes of him that I love.

What I love about him is that he knows what he's good at (boy, does he!), he does what he loves, he is an amazing "creator", he takes less than ideal circumstances and turns them into beautiful experiences.   

That's why I love him.   It's Saturday afternoon, I'm watching "Flipping Out" waiting to leave for my facial appointment, and suddenly I realized that his approach translates into every day life.

If you have a less than ideal situation, take it on with avengence, raise your expectations, raise the bar, take nothing less, stay focused, ask for what you need and go for it - create the experience you deserve.    

Oh, and don't "flip out".     Happy Saturday!   

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Amazing what "quiet" will do.......

So, for those readers who don't know, I'm a ski instructor on the weekends.   If I'm not busy enough already, I seem to feel the need to fill up my weekends too :P    That said, the kids are cute, and for the most part, are good students.    Buy it DOES take up alot of that time that could be spent in "down time" or recouperating from the hectic "real job" week.

This weekend, I decided not to head to the hill.   Rather, I pretty much spent the weekend alone, accept when my ski instructor husband came home from the hill - we had dinner and both crashed by 9:00.   Him from being in the cold, me from just being plain old lazy :)

That said, it's amazing how the brain works once it feels rested.   I actually cooked dinner all three nights.   This is some what of a miracle for me, as I'd normally suggest ordering in at least one (or two) of these nights typically.   (Recall from earlier and recent post, I've decided to embrace Wellness Watchers so ordering in doesn't really have a place in the "lifestyle change").   

Further, I've come up with a plan - I'm feeling the need to "do something".    I'm itchy.   I feel like renovating, but I also feel like a vacation.      We have some flights that are pending which we can use, so we are thinking we really can't let them go to waste.    We made a few calls, and low and behold can head to Aspen Colorado March 6-13 for $1048 taxes in!!!      Ahhhhhhh, hello!!!    Flights are already taken care of, accomodations for a thousand bucks - can't go wrong.   And I LOVE LOVE LOVE Aspen - fav place of all ski trips.     

Maybe, just maybe, downtime is expensive.    Up until this "downtime" weekend, I was in saving mode, if you recall.    Maybe I better get back to work, and teaching skiing.

Having said that, my L-O-V-E for Aspen resides:

our 2005 trip to Aspen - heading up the Gondola

my husband taking me out of bounds - bad man!!

Non-stop snow!!!!

notice the name of the run behind?    Suzy Q :)

Ahhh, Colorado - how I love thee.     Maybe we will be there to visit soon - if Air Canada will accomodate.

Sunday night bath in the works.   Have a good week everyone!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blog Love - timing is everything.........

Somewhat of a stressful couple of days at work this week.    Re-org, big changes, insufficent (according to me) amount of info, many questions unanswered, fear of the unknown, "what does this mean for me" mentaility - and THEN...............a Blogger Award.  How lovely, and so generous.  :) :)    Attitude adjustment:   CHECK.

As a recipient of this award, the deal is a)  link back to the person/blog who gave the award, b)  list of things that readers may not know about me, and c)  give out more love

Thank you Ashley over at Calmly Chaotic!!!   You made my day also!!   Funny how the universe works - what goes around comes around.     I highly recommend you jump on over and visit Ashley - you will love her blog.    It's just so pretty, and stylish (which explains her Stylish Blog Award), it's like going shopping in a high end department store - just makes you feel gooooood.  
Calmly Chaotic
And now, because I'm (generally) a rule-follower (oh, that could be one of the things readers may not know about me), I bring you the following facts:

I love, and quite frankly, am addicted to the smell of the Westin Hotel(s) - so much so I buy their scent for my own house.

I chose this pic since it's -20C in Ottawa, Canada
Lovely Key West  (not -20C)

I am a cottage-kid, and now a cottage-adult.   I LOVE LOVE cottages, beaches, cottage docks, boats, motors, the smell of motor gas, chips and pop on the beach, the smell of wet bathing suits, cottage food, the heat of a sunburn at night, bon fires, macaroni salad (at the cottage only), country music on the cottage radio, sand in my flip flops, and Sunday night exhaustion. 

OK, no comments please, but I love American Idol - never mind StevenT - now that's entertainment!!

I love being in shape (when I'm in shape).     Ran my first 10K in under an hour last summer - yey!

I love to sleep - generally, lights are out at my house by 9:30 (10:00 the VERY latest)

I love chunky silver jewellery, expecially if it comes in a little blue bag/box.

I am infatuated with the Kennedy's, always have been.

I love really goooooood food and I can justify paying any amounts of money for it.  Here we are at the Bearfoot Bistro in Whister - bill:   $500!!   (but it was our anniversary, so worth it).  And it was an gastro experience.

'Nuff about me, now to spread the love - I honour these lovely and sytlish blogs with the Stylish Blogger Award.    Jump over to these stylish blogs - you will be amazed at the creativity and beauty these women create.  LURVE.


Enjoy today!  It's Sunday, and nothing feels better than Sunday afternoons.     Should probably get a workout in, but it's -30 something here in Ottawa Canada today, so maybe a little couch love might be in order.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Wellness Watchers (WW) - and a mid-day workout report

Oh you just have to love the new year for projects, yes?    I mean let's face it, we all make a few resolutions, even if we don't (won't?) sign on the dotted line.

Well, I decided to put some structure around my wellness.    It does seem to be a bit of an oxymoron to 'project manage" wellness.  Really, shouldn't it just be intuitive and flow naturally?     I just don't think I am one of those 'spirit's'.  It would seem this spirit has a rebel side.   Hmm................go figure. :P

So, here's what I did:    I joined Weight Watchers online.     But I gotta say, the name of this "program" rubs me the wrong way.    The title leads one to believe that the main focus is weight, when should be about overall wellness (in my not so humble opinion :))  And therefore, I am hereby changing the name of the program.    I'm sure this empire won't mind.   Wellness Watchers - much better!

On another note - had a great mid-day work out.     Ran on the treadmill for 20 minutes at 6.0; 0.5 incline, followed by an upper body weight training session:

3 sets of all:
Wide grip Lat pulldowns (60 lbs)
Side Lateral raises on BOSU (8 lbs)
Incline dunmbell press (25 lbs)
One arm rows (25 lbs)
Ball Flat Flyes (15 lbs)
Incline Twist Crunch

On another note, does anyone else think it's a bit freaky that Kate Middleton is wearing Princess Diana's ring?


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Up on the stage - how about it?

There is something I have to admit here first:    I haven't started my cash-only project yet.    Can't seem to get organized.    I feel like I need to start this project on a major date, like the first of the month.  So, perhaps I'll aim for Feb. 1.     Ok, enough said about that.

Now the purpose of this post:   I have a new project I'm contemplating.  Oh, what is life without projects anyway(?)     I am contemplating joining Toastmasters.    I can't decide if the group is really worthwhile, or if it's kinda silly.     Only one way to find out I guess - time to attend one of those meetings. 

I think it's a real skill to speak well, never mid speaking well in front of a group of people.    I just love listening to an eloquent speaker.   I find myself studying them, trying to really understand if they are feeling as cool as they sound.

What do you think?   Ever done the Toastmasters thing?    Any interest in public speaking?

Oh, and did I mention - this is my latest read:

Monday, January 10, 2011

Money - can you do without?

So, one of my Projects for 2011, is a financial project.    I won't get into the meat of the project, but it is very specific, and fairly lofty, to say the least.

I am finding, however, that when making "finances" a project, it a) becomes, not only challenging (in a good way) but fun; b) you can make some serious headway, and c) it just plain feels good to be disciplined and see the gains.

Am thinking about moving to "cash-only" (for me).   Meaning, that I won't carry cards of any description, but will take out $X for the week or month, and that's what I will live on.    The cards will be for necessities, like groceries, and typical monthly, budgeted expenses.    Now that's a challenge, if I ever heard one!!   

I've have never really budgeted before, so this project is very new for me.  We have been working at it for a few months, trying this and that, and now I think we've figured out what will work for us.

Wish us luck!

So, what's your budget methodology?   Got any tricks you want to share?

In the meantime, I'll refrain from posting Tiffany's pictures, and beautiful shoes, etc.     How about the things that bring real happiness?   You know, the things money can't buy.

Obvious?  Yes.

Feel the breeze and smell the water???
I can totally feel what it's like here.

Photo title:  "Blooming in Spring"
I love the colours here - and I love spring!

Ahhhh, appreciating the things that money can't buy!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Years or out?

Have I wished you Happy New Year yet?    My goodness, Happy New Year!

I once had a friend whose resolution went as follows:

"I resolve to avoid self deprivation."

And I have to say, I support this 100%.     Why?   Because I think that life is too short to deprive ourselves of things.   Rather, why can't resolutions be about bringing pleasurable things into our lives, instead of taking pleasurable things OUT of of our lives?

How about:
"I resolve to add pleasurable things into my life"

Have you ever thought about that?     It's a bit of an A-HA for me.    While I realize I must take most sugar out of my life, I must admit, I really don't get "pleasure" from sugar.  It actually makes me feel like crap, it causes a war with my skin, and never mind the effect on my Citizens of Humanity jeans.

So, I challenge you - if you are making a resolution, choose something you wish to add to your life, rather than force yourself to do without.

Now, for things that bring pleasure to my world:

Sarah 101 starts tonight at 9:00!!!

(while I don't LOVE-LOVE Oprah, I am looking forward to this Network)

Now this speaks for itself, yes?

I may need this light in our dining room in the future.

Now I must run and get ready for Sarah 101.    What are some of things that you resolve to bring IN to your life in 2011?

Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 projects of pure joy........

Well, now that the noise Christmas is over, my decorating projects have made their way to the top of the list.   My hub keeps asking me if I ever stop planning decorating projects.


So, I have a number of projects lined up -however we have some financial goals to hit first.  In the meantime, there are few projects that are low cost, and I think it's just what I need to get started:

1.     Kitchen do-over:     I am loving the white and grey theme in kitchens these days.   So, I'm thinking of repainting the cabinets (now a country cream) white on the top, and grey on the bottom.  

And the other project is the staircase........isn't this gorgeous?!   We currently have rug on our staircase that can easily be lifted.     I'm thinking a little sanding and staining is in order.  

So, those are two of my immediate "projects".     Am thinking these are fairly easy to do (?), and the least cost of all of my 2011 (2012?) projects.

So, what's on your agenda for 2011?  any projects on the agenda?