Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blog Love - timing is everything.........

Somewhat of a stressful couple of days at work this week.    Re-org, big changes, insufficent (according to me) amount of info, many questions unanswered, fear of the unknown, "what does this mean for me" mentaility - and THEN...............a Blogger Award.  How lovely, and so generous.  :) :)    Attitude adjustment:   CHECK.

As a recipient of this award, the deal is a)  link back to the person/blog who gave the award, b)  list of things that readers may not know about me, and c)  give out more love

Thank you Ashley over at Calmly Chaotic!!!   You made my day also!!   Funny how the universe works - what goes around comes around.     I highly recommend you jump on over and visit Ashley - you will love her blog.    It's just so pretty, and stylish (which explains her Stylish Blog Award), it's like going shopping in a high end department store - just makes you feel gooooood.  
Calmly Chaotic
And now, because I'm (generally) a rule-follower (oh, that could be one of the things readers may not know about me), I bring you the following facts:

I love, and quite frankly, am addicted to the smell of the Westin Hotel(s) - so much so I buy their scent for my own house.

I chose this pic since it's -20C in Ottawa, Canada
Lovely Key West  (not -20C)

I am a cottage-kid, and now a cottage-adult.   I LOVE LOVE cottages, beaches, cottage docks, boats, motors, the smell of motor gas, chips and pop on the beach, the smell of wet bathing suits, cottage food, the heat of a sunburn at night, bon fires, macaroni salad (at the cottage only), country music on the cottage radio, sand in my flip flops, and Sunday night exhaustion. 

OK, no comments please, but I love American Idol - never mind StevenT - now that's entertainment!!

I love being in shape (when I'm in shape).     Ran my first 10K in under an hour last summer - yey!

I love to sleep - generally, lights are out at my house by 9:30 (10:00 the VERY latest)

I love chunky silver jewellery, expecially if it comes in a little blue bag/box.

I am infatuated with the Kennedy's, always have been.

I love really goooooood food and I can justify paying any amounts of money for it.  Here we are at the Bearfoot Bistro in Whister - bill:   $500!!   (but it was our anniversary, so worth it).  And it was an gastro experience.

'Nuff about me, now to spread the love - I honour these lovely and sytlish blogs with the Stylish Blogger Award.    Jump over to these stylish blogs - you will be amazed at the creativity and beauty these women create.  LURVE.


Enjoy today!  It's Sunday, and nothing feels better than Sunday afternoons.     Should probably get a workout in, but it's -30 something here in Ottawa Canada today, so maybe a little couch love might be in order.



  1. Susan! Your right timing is everything. Lately, I've been trying to decide what when where and how about life, work and my blog. Even though I smile my spirits have been kind of low. I sincerly thank you for this award. It may not mean much to others but it let me know that someone in the world is, and that someone is you. Thank so much!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS! You are really becoming a pro blogger...I love reading your it really that cold today?? BRRRRRR

  3. Tonia, I LOVE your blog - it's just beautiful, and I will follow you every day!! It's good to ponder and ask ourselves these questions. I do it all the time, even when spirits are low. Chin up, you are beautiful and talented!

  4. Yay you got the links up and running! Hilarious that you love American Idol but who am I to judge!