Monday, January 10, 2011

Money - can you do without?

So, one of my Projects for 2011, is a financial project.    I won't get into the meat of the project, but it is very specific, and fairly lofty, to say the least.

I am finding, however, that when making "finances" a project, it a) becomes, not only challenging (in a good way) but fun; b) you can make some serious headway, and c) it just plain feels good to be disciplined and see the gains.

Am thinking about moving to "cash-only" (for me).   Meaning, that I won't carry cards of any description, but will take out $X for the week or month, and that's what I will live on.    The cards will be for necessities, like groceries, and typical monthly, budgeted expenses.    Now that's a challenge, if I ever heard one!!   

I've have never really budgeted before, so this project is very new for me.  We have been working at it for a few months, trying this and that, and now I think we've figured out what will work for us.

Wish us luck!

So, what's your budget methodology?   Got any tricks you want to share?

In the meantime, I'll refrain from posting Tiffany's pictures, and beautiful shoes, etc.     How about the things that bring real happiness?   You know, the things money can't buy.

Obvious?  Yes.

Feel the breeze and smell the water???
I can totally feel what it's like here.

Photo title:  "Blooming in Spring"
I love the colours here - and I love spring!

Ahhhh, appreciating the things that money can't buy!!

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  1. Wow cash only is a lofty goal indeed! I don't think I could manage that... not at this point at least. It is definitely great if you can do it!