Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Up on the stage - how about it?

There is something I have to admit here first:    I haven't started my cash-only project yet.    Can't seem to get organized.    I feel like I need to start this project on a major date, like the first of the month.  So, perhaps I'll aim for Feb. 1.     Ok, enough said about that.

Now the purpose of this post:   I have a new project I'm contemplating.  Oh, what is life without projects anyway(?)     I am contemplating joining Toastmasters.    I can't decide if the group is really worthwhile, or if it's kinda silly.     Only one way to find out I guess - time to attend one of those meetings. 

I think it's a real skill to speak well, never mid speaking well in front of a group of people.    I just love listening to an eloquent speaker.   I find myself studying them, trying to really understand if they are feeling as cool as they sound.

What do you think?   Ever done the Toastmasters thing?    Any interest in public speaking?

Oh, and did I mention - this is my latest read:

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  1. When I was younger, I participated in a TON of public speaking competitions. Some in English, some in French. I was always nervous, but being a very shy kid I loved the challenge of it. I would definitely do something like ToastMasters now, I think it's a great skill to be able to confront an audience.