Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Years Resolutions......in or out?

Have I wished you Happy New Year yet?    My goodness, Happy New Year!

I once had a friend whose resolution went as follows:

"I resolve to avoid self deprivation."

And I have to say, I support this 100%.     Why?   Because I think that life is too short to deprive ourselves of things.   Rather, why can't resolutions be about bringing pleasurable things into our lives, instead of taking pleasurable things OUT of of our lives?

How about:
"I resolve to add pleasurable things into my life"

Have you ever thought about that?     It's a bit of an A-HA for me.    While I realize I must take most sugar out of my life, I must admit, I really don't get "pleasure" from sugar.  It actually makes me feel like crap, it causes a war with my skin, and never mind the effect on my Citizens of Humanity jeans.

So, I challenge you - if you are making a resolution, choose something you wish to add to your life, rather than force yourself to do without.

Now, for things that bring pleasure to my world:

Sarah 101 starts tonight at 9:00!!!

(while I don't LOVE-LOVE Oprah, I am looking forward to this Network)

Now this speaks for itself, yes?

I may need this light in our dining room in the future.

Now I must run and get ready for Sarah 101.    What are some of things that you resolve to bring IN to your life in 2011?


  1. More sleep!
    More running and yoga!
    More relaxation!
    In other words MORE ME TIME!!!

  2. Yeah!! I need some Leslie time too!! :)