Sunday, January 23, 2011

Amazing what "quiet" will do.......

So, for those readers who don't know, I'm a ski instructor on the weekends.   If I'm not busy enough already, I seem to feel the need to fill up my weekends too :P    That said, the kids are cute, and for the most part, are good students.    Buy it DOES take up alot of that time that could be spent in "down time" or recouperating from the hectic "real job" week.

This weekend, I decided not to head to the hill.   Rather, I pretty much spent the weekend alone, accept when my ski instructor husband came home from the hill - we had dinner and both crashed by 9:00.   Him from being in the cold, me from just being plain old lazy :)

That said, it's amazing how the brain works once it feels rested.   I actually cooked dinner all three nights.   This is some what of a miracle for me, as I'd normally suggest ordering in at least one (or two) of these nights typically.   (Recall from earlier and recent post, I've decided to embrace Wellness Watchers so ordering in doesn't really have a place in the "lifestyle change").   

Further, I've come up with a plan - I'm feeling the need to "do something".    I'm itchy.   I feel like renovating, but I also feel like a vacation.      We have some flights that are pending which we can use, so we are thinking we really can't let them go to waste.    We made a few calls, and low and behold can head to Aspen Colorado March 6-13 for $1048 taxes in!!!      Ahhhhhhh, hello!!!    Flights are already taken care of, accomodations for a thousand bucks - can't go wrong.   And I LOVE LOVE LOVE Aspen - fav place of all ski trips.     

Maybe, just maybe, downtime is expensive.    Up until this "downtime" weekend, I was in saving mode, if you recall.    Maybe I better get back to work, and teaching skiing.

Having said that, my L-O-V-E for Aspen resides:

our 2005 trip to Aspen - heading up the Gondola

my husband taking me out of bounds - bad man!!

Non-stop snow!!!!

notice the name of the run behind?    Suzy Q :)

Ahhh, Colorado - how I love thee.     Maybe we will be there to visit soon - if Air Canada will accomodate.

Sunday night bath in the works.   Have a good week everyone!!

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  1. Oh that's a great deal! You should definitely go! Aspen... not exactly my choice of destination (where's the beach?) but great for you two.