Saturday, January 29, 2011

Create what you want, and let nothing stop you

So, I love this guy.    Ya, I know he's mean, and treats people like crap - it's not those attributes of him that I love.

What I love about him is that he knows what he's good at (boy, does he!), he does what he loves, he is an amazing "creator", he takes less than ideal circumstances and turns them into beautiful experiences.   

That's why I love him.   It's Saturday afternoon, I'm watching "Flipping Out" waiting to leave for my facial appointment, and suddenly I realized that his approach translates into every day life.

If you have a less than ideal situation, take it on with avengence, raise your expectations, raise the bar, take nothing less, stay focused, ask for what you need and go for it - create the experience you deserve.    

Oh, and don't "flip out".     Happy Saturday!   

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