Sunday, May 15, 2011

So, what brings on Joy?

For those readers who knew me way back, I've gone through phases in my life where I've asked this question to myself, to my friends, family, and even to crazy beer drinking swillers in bars (my friend Louise would remember this). Good times! :) :)     

But seriously, if you can't asnwer this question for yourself, how will you ever know if you have joy, or how to get joy, or even what to attract to bring you joy?     Or maybe......the things that bring you joy, are already in your life, but you aren't "seeing" them.  

Well you guessed it - it's that time again, where thankfully, I, with full gratitude, am not "asking" what brings me joy, but rather am grateful for all that does.     Maybe it's this 40's decade that Oprah says is so awesome.     Or maybe it's the grain of sand and the pearl scenerio:

"An oyster creates a pearl out of a grain of sand.   The grain of sand is an irritant to the oyster.  In reponse to the discomfort, the oyster creates a smooth, protective coaching that encases the sand and provides relief.  The result is a beautiful pearl."

So, in all my gratitude, I thought I would list some of the things that come to mind (you gotta know, I'm going to ask you what brings you joy at the end of this post):

1.    2 extra degrees on the thermostat on a cold rainy day
2.    a cozy blanket easily reached on the couch
3.    a big bold, jammy glass of red wine (or two)
4.    a great nights sleep, so that when you wake up in the morning you feel amazing
5.    coffee made perfectly
6.    an empty agenda on the weekend
7.    freshly painted nails and toes
8.    a great deal
9.    unconditional love from your pet
10.  a full fridge of yummy and healthy groceries
11.  icecream in the freezer
12.  hot brownies fresh out of the oven
13.  detachment
13.  genuine people
14.  spring
15.  cozy socks
16.  pants with elastic waist bands
17.  great scents
18.  zit free skin
19.  a wonderul long hot shower
20.  a pretty new outfit
21.  sisters
22.  people you can trust
23.  good food
24.  good food shared with good people
25.  unconditional love
26.  knowing you've helped someone
27.  knowing you've make a difference
28.  loving back
29.  friendship
30.  did I say wine yet?
31.  backyard time
32.  gardens in the spring, when you don't have a clue what you're doing and they rise up anyway
33.  pretty front doors
34. a healthy mind
35. a healthy body
36.  a peaceful soul
37.  sharing
38.  being excited
39.  a good book
40.  being passionate about something or someone
41.  walking barefoot on a  beach
42.  sunsets - especially on a beach
42.  afternoon naps (and you can still sleep at night)
43.  smelly bath balms
44.  beautiful perfume
45.  freshly washed hair that smells so fresh
46.  brushing your teeth
47.  eating your favourite food
48.  being hungry
49.  being full and satisfied
50.  tulips
and one for good luck
51.  the first swim of the summer


So, now I turn it to you.    What brings you joy?    Hopefully I've sparked your thoughts.    Know what brings you joy - otherwise, how will you know you have it?

Happy Sunday.



  1. -a good book
    -a boat ride on a hot sunny day
    -new clothes
    -a long run (the feeling after, not during)
    -white wine buzz(the feeling during, not after)
    -being with Sue
    from Lise-Anne

  2. Wine time, long talks in the back yard with my faveeeee step mom, Daddio, and Layla.. with angel cards of course.
    Michelle Xo.

  3. @Michelle = yes yes, backyard wine and long chats definitely make the list

    @Lise-Anne - back at you - more please!