Monday, May 30, 2011

And 20+ years later....we're 20 again

This past weekend in Ottawa, Canada was the National Capital Marathon weekend.     People come from all over the world to run either the Marathon, the 1/2 Marathon, the 10K, 5K or 2K.    We get the Kenyan's, the Ethiopian's and all the elite runner's from around the world.     Pretty facinating to watch these amazing athletes.    The time they run a marathon in, I'd be lucky to get a 10K done :-p (OK I did do a sub-60min 10K once but that was a year ago - and I'm sick right now, so I feel like I'm draggin' my ass around).

The best part of the weekend was that and old and dear friend of mine who I used to live with when we were around 21 came to Ottawa to run the 10K on Saturday night.     I had a chance to cheer her on at the start line and congratulate her at the finish line.    And better yet, we had the chance to have dinner, drink wine, reminice, and just "be" like old times with another one of our friends who I've mentioned here before, Lou Lou (aka Louise).     Only we drank a whole lot less, and went to bed a whole lot earlier :)   

I realized in spending time with them, that old friends stay with you forever, and that even after decades, the time spent together feels like "home".     So easy, so comfortable, full of joy and laughter - just all good for the soul.

So, you two, if you are reading this - I love you both- and cherish our past, current and future times together.    Please let's make it sooner than later.    Because if we wait another 20 years we'll be..........................49!   (ha. ha.)


  1. Very nice Sue! We're like that, we can go long periods of time without seeing each other but it never feels weird. It feels like we pick up from where we left off. I really want to get together with you two and be like the old days. We can stay up late and be crazy. Lets make plans right now. I love you both too.

  2. Honestly Sue, I'm actually shedding a tear. I feel sooooooo truly blessed to have you and Lili in my life. You said it best when you said it was like we felt like we were at "home". So comforting knowing that with you two I never have to be anyone else but myself. You accept me for who I am, faults and all! And to me that is the true meaning of friendship...
    How really lucky I am...
    Lou xo

  3. Awww Sue Sue I love this post. So glad you girls had a good time. Good pics, you ladies look beautiful!!
    Ps. is it creepy that I am pretty sure you are on the rooftop patio at Mambo just from the backround. ha ha <3

  4. Aw so fun! Sounds like a great weekend. It is so nice seeing old friends and feeling like coming home.