Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mind Mapping Your Future? I'm game.

Reading an interesting book right now called “How to Mind Map:   The Ultimate thinking tool that will change your life” by Tony Buzan. ( watch)

Tony Buzan says that the brain functions in 2 ways:   imagination and association.    So, by drawing out a mind map we can not only see exactly everything that is going on in our brains, all on one page/picture/map, but we can draw out our future, gain a clear picture of it, and this will lead us there.

He says (like many others do):  “you tend to get, what you think you will get.”    And so a mind map can help us think very well about what we want.     Then this Mind Map will therefore significantly increase the probability that we will get it.

Interesting.   I’m game.   I can draw.  I have a pretty good imagination.     This will be my project for this weekend – amongst others of course (like hanging my Christmas wreaths.)

Have a watch of the video I included here – do a little research.     It’s kind of interesting.  I’m open (as per usual).

Let me know what you think.    In the meantime, here’s an example of a Mind Map:
roles-and-goals-490 jpeg

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