Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Get up and go for Pete's sake

I think I mentioned my year long date with my personal trainer is coming to an end.     We only have somewhere in the neighborhood of 6 sessions left.     That’s just a few weeks.

So, I’ve joined the gym in my building (for $60/year), and will be talking to a trainer today who writes training plans for people to work out on their own.  

My question is – how do I gear up to do this on my own?     I need to find the zone  and get in it - you know those times in your life when you are in “the zone” and it’s a no-brainer, you just go and workout because it’s what you really WANT to do.      You wouldn’t dare let the day pass without getting your workout in. 
So what would Caitlin do, or Angela, or Jenna?      (Ok for the record, these three women are a lot younger than me!  Just sayin’)

My new project is to search for the “get up’n go” required to do this on my own.     I know I have IT.   IT has shown itself at various points in my life.     I need to feed IT to get IT to come out of hiding.      Hmmmmm……….what to feed IT????     This is the question.

So, what do you feed your IT to get it out of hiding, and stay in charge?     (please don’t say ice cream :))

                     no impact aerobics
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