Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hello Universe, thanks for the touch-down.

The universe was looking out for me yesterday.     Or maybe it was karma.   

I went for blood work yesterday morning - yes, I ventured to a lab on a Saturday.    OK, so let me just say to any and all who might read this, stay as far away from a lab on a Saturday morning as you can.    AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID.

When I walked in, the waiting room was packed.    You had to take a number, and so when I did, I looked down at it - 67.   In slow motion, I looked up at the digital number thing - 32.     Oh, God, hello, why didn't you warn me on this.    I had groceries in the car, and a dog who is a foodie, to say the least.

So, I sat down beside a gentlement whoooo.....had a sense of humour, shall we say.     We chatted, I laughed at his jokes, and we were kind to one another, in a place where everyone was frustrated and less than impressed.     

So, I called another lab, thinking maybe this was an anomaly - only to find out, it is like this in all three (yes, only three) labs open yesterday.     As I was on the phone listening to the fact, that Saturday's are generally a few hours of a wait, the chipper little dude I was sitting beside, handing me his number, made the gesture of "Shhhhhh" and walked out the door.   His number was 48 and when I walked back into the waiting room they were already at 40.    

So, this serves as a shout out to the Universe!!  Thank you!!!

All the best for a great week!!!

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