Friday, March 18, 2011

Hello Running Shoes - nice to see you again

Did I mention that I used to be a "runner"?    What is a runner anyway?    When do you cross the line of getting out the door occasionally and being a "runner"?     Does anyone know this answer?    Is it 3x per week?   Is it 30K a week?  10K?   50K?  It is a comitment to a goal like a race?  or is it just the love of the sport?

I like to think the answer to ALL the questions is YES.   

So, I've been out twice this week, and the week is not over yet.    Took a vacation day from work, and was out the door running at 9:00 a.m. with my friend Nat (thank you Nat for kicking my butt out the door after copious amounts of wine and pasta last night).   

Foot felt pretty good, so immediately started to plan my next outing, which will be sometime this weekend.  Or maybe both days, but don't want to push it.

(Note: I've been off running since last summer with a foot injury, so am trying to force myself to come back slow and easy.)

That said, I made a new playlist for running.    Pretty excited about it - can't wait to get out there.    Feel free to copy it - I hope you like it.

Have a wonderful weekend - what are you up to?  

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