Saturday, March 19, 2011

Today, a few weeks from today, and "D"

What a beauty day in Ottawa today.    Wasn't completely warm by any means - I think it was +5 but it was sunny and the snow was melting, water was running, puddles were forming, and there were people out and about.  A sure sign of spring.

WORKOUT - 3.5K today, and yesterday too, I might add - nice and slow, but I got out there (helps to have a new playlist.)     Today was my third run of the week.    Yeah!  I might just be back.

Tomorrow will be ski day - and likely the final ski day of 2011, so no running for this cat.  But will be out in the sunshine, banking the oh-so needed Vitamin D.  

Did I meantion that my "Complimentary Medicine Doctor" advised me to take 5000 IU's of Vitamin D?  Yes, he did.  So, am following these directions- bought Vitamin D drops, so it's easy to get down in a little water.  Will keep you posted if I feel any difference.  

Now, my hubby and I are contemplating some vacation time.    We are tossing around some various ideas, and are crossing our fingers they work out.     Will keep you posted on this too.  

"Oh so powerful Universe, if you can make this happen, I will pay back, and forward, if you will just accomodate"

Any vacation on your radar?

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