Thursday, December 30, 2010

10 lessons of 2010.

Well we have just a little over 24 hours to go before 2011 - wow, it all flies by so fast.   I mean, I remember Y2K like it was yesterday. 

So, as I think about what I want to write about - I reflect back on 2010.     And what better to write about than all the learnings of the year.    The A-Ha's.     There have been many, I mean, one of the purposes of this blog is just that, figuring this life out one (beautiful) thing at a time.

So, here are some of my learnings of 2010:

1.    Everyone is on their own journey, everyone's reality belongs to them, as mine does to me - don't for one second think I know what could be going on with anyone else.    Mind my business and only my business.

2.   Apply a filter - always.    Inside voices are not meant for outside.   Keep inside commentary to myself, or for true and trusted friends.    Not meant for work settings, EVER!!    Or family settings for that matter.   (journal it if I have to barf it out somewhere :-p)

3.   Sugar and insulance-resistance cause acne.    Amongst other things.

4.   Speak the truth - always.    Mean what I say, and say what I mean.   If I don't, things will just go off the rails.  FAST.

5.  Compassion.    Find some.

6.   Life has a strange way of making me sit up and listen - so I might as well pay attention from the get-go.

7.   Change my relationship with food - food is vitality, my friend and not my enemy - never forget that.

8.   Working out keeps me sane.     Accept it.

9.   Dont' take it personally (stop being so sensitive) - it likely has nothing to do with me.   And frankly, it's just tiring.

10.  Honour myself:    Eat for vitality, drink less alcohol, get lots of sleep, drink lots of water and love how I spend (all) my time.

And those are my learnings for 2010 my friends.     And what are yours?- come on, please share.     So important to keep searching and learning and sharing.

In the meantime, what's the Life Beautiful Project blog without something beautiful - just for you 24 hours before 2011.

I love this - it's yet another one of those learnings.

"Snuggles" - 'nuff said!

"Simple Joy"

Speaks for itself.


Well my friends, the count down is on to 2011 - take the next 24 hours to truly understand what you've learned, appreciate how you've been gifted, and embrace what is in your power to change.

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