Sunday, December 5, 2010

Big Bang for Pocket Change

The Next Outdoor project is complete, and we’re pretty happy.     Well one small little hiccup – which I’ll share.

Christmas on Eden 006

This is one of our ensembles. 

Christmas on Eden 009

Pic with both – so far pretty good.

Christmas on Eden 010

And again – with both.

The only thing, is the one on the right was wobbly, and the first wind that came blew it over.    You see it had water in it and the water had froze.   So, when we went to get the urns to do our project this afternoon, one was full of ice.    We spent 45 minutes trying to melt the ice to get the ice out.     And low-and-behold,  the bottom had rounded somewhat and was no longer flat.  

So, we have one urn out right now, the other tucked away till we can figure out how to flatten the bottom.      I have it moved closer to the driveway so it looks like there is only supposed to be one.
My handy-dandy husband is going to jig something up for us.

All to say, this project cost us about $6 for both urns.     The pots I had from many years gone by, the birch is from our cottage lot, the cedar and pine branches we cut in the forest yesterday, we bought skinny long twigs at Dollarama – one bundle for $2 and we bought 2 bunches.     And the gold stars were from Dollarama and they were $1 each!!     Each ensemble - $3!!!

Big bang for pocket change – now this makes me happy :)

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