Friday, December 10, 2010

Big Friday, C-tree, drinks after the drought

So much to report - Ok, am just so happy with myself for doing ALL of my shopping for the weekend after work.    We are having a dinner party tomorrow night, and I did the whole haul after work.    I'm making duck - wish me luck!

Then, it was C-tree night.   And to add to this exciting venture, I decided earlier today that my Alcohol-Free Zone was over.      4-weeks, completed, and deemed successful in my books.    More about that later.   So tonight was chocolate martini and Christmas tree night.

Witness the beginning:

My what a beautiful half tree you have?   but "ya look good!"  (this is our thing we tell each other when one person is doing all the work and the other is sitting watching - in our Italian-fake accents - "ya look good, oh but ya look GOOOOOD")

Our choco-martini's.     Yumbo!!!    Mine was the empty one on the left - go figure!   (but we only had one!)

Bring on the craftiness........oh! and we had a fire, of course, it's Friday night - woo, exciting!

Found the antlers - she poses every year in her antlers - such a good sport!

Et voila!!     Bring on the pressies.

With ambiance.   

OK, so here are some of my learnings:

1.    alarm at 6:00, working all day, doing full dinner-party groceries and booze haul, and putting up a Christmas tree is alot in one day (oh, and I did a load of laundry tonight too, just sayin')
2.    drinks after a 4-week hiatus are not as good as one would imagine - interesting learning - they were just OK - mehh.........
3.   tell your husband he looks good when he's assembling the tree and putting on the lights - they like that :)

And so the weekend begins - enjoy!!


  1. First of all LOVE your new design! I want to start blogging sooo bad....need to learn how!! And what will be my 'thing?' I read yours everyday! I am HOOKED!
    Second of all LOVE your Christmas tree...and your Friday night sounds AMAZING!
    Thirdly...LOVE that you had a drink (early mind you) and you didn't even really enjoy it? We still on for dinner next week? Somewhere in Westboro?
    Fourthly (word?) I miss you :( We NEED to get together before Christmas!

  2. Aww thanks Les. Having fun with it. And ya, the drinks were just OK but the tree was fun :) Interesting to say the least. Have a great weekend!!!