Monday, December 13, 2010

Humble up for 2011

Yes, that's right, I'm starting to think about a change for 2011.    Actually, that's not true, it's a change I've decided to make today.      It might not be easy, so it might take me till 2011 to get it right (if ever). 
I've decided to "humble up".    Have you ever looked at a situation and thought to yourself that the way you see it, is the ONLY way it actually is?     You know, it's common sense - your common sense.     You might look at something that someone did, or didn't do, and feel annoyed becaused it's not what you would have done.    You feel irked, maybe put out, or even insulted, and if the tables were turned you would have handled it much different, better in fact.

Well, let me tell y'a - I got a little talking to today from a friend, who made me realize that I don't know everything.     Excuse me?    Ahh, yes I do.   I was raised right, I was taught what is right and wrong, what to say when, and what not to say, when to mind my p's and q's, and when to accomodate (which is almost always btw.)   And, there is only one way to handle a situation, and it's the right way.    Right? 

Wrong.     I realized that not only are we all on our own personal journeys, but common sense may be different from different stand-points, my right and wrong, might not be someone else's right and wrong, how something registers with me, may register differently with someone else.

So, my mantra for 2011:   "humble up Susan" - this immediately makes me accept that I cannot control the actions or non-actions of others, obsessing about it only makes me unhappy, I cannot possibly understand the world of others, and I must focus only on that which I can control and change - because this reality I live in belongs to me and only me.

Phew - I feel better now.    So, since this post is really about bringing more joy and happiness in our lives, I bring you this:

(source) - if this doesn't make you smile, then, I dunno.........this is funny on so many levels (from my stand-point of course)

(source) - let us not forget this, EVER!

(source) - this is just so simple and easy.

(source) - Only when we stop obsessing about things outside of our control will we realize we can just turn on the light - I love this!!


So friends, have you any thoughts on 2011?     Yeah, I know, Christmas isn't even here yet - but I think it's never too early (or late) for a reality check.     As Caitlin of Operation Beautiful says, "change the way you see, rather than the way you look" - good mantra for 2011!!     Yes?

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