Sunday, December 12, 2010

Operation 40-something dating scene

I'm watching an episode of Steven and Chris as we speak, and the discussion is around dating rules.    Should a girl wait for the guy, how long before a phone call, etc.

But I think it's worth a discussion on where 40 and 50-something's meet people to date.       I mean really?   Where does one go to meet other potential life partners?     Many people in their 40's and 50's are partnered, and because people tend to hang with those of like lives, don't know many other single people.    But let's face it, it happens to us all (OK, maybe not all of us), where the plan doesn't go as planned, and we find ourselves, or our friends and family find themselves, in "singledom".

So then what?   I'd like to open the floor (post) for discussion - please leave me a comment on some of your thoughts/ideas.   Leave a comment anonomously if you prefer.

Here's what I say - let's make an effort in 2011 to bring people together.    I don't think it has to be singles and singles necessarily - but rather, people in our lives of ALL statuses.   Let's broaden our circles (boxes?) and reach out, meet new people, make introductions.   We just never know who we'll meet that could bring joy to our lives, or the lives of our family and friends.


I think this will be one of my 2011 projects.    Yes, I am liking the way this feels.

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