Monday, December 27, 2010

Scrooge-y or too much?

Merry Christmas everyone, or should I say happy day after Boxing Day!    Been a very busy few weeks, which is why I haven't dropped in.     But things are calmer, and I am calmer, and we are.

Speaking of calm - may I just ask:  why does Christmas have to be so insanely busy?    Is anyone else as busy as me?  (surely no one can be as busy as meeeee [jk]).      But let's talk about this.     It seems to me that almost everyone I know runs around with lists, buying, planning, organizing, decorating (yes, I had a thing for my front door, but it stopped there [other than the tree of course]).     There's gift buying, gift wrapping, socializing, menu planning, grocery shopping, work parties, non-work parties (and with that comes wardrobe considerations).

Good grief - really?   does it really need to be this way?       I think with all this frenzy we risk forgetting what Christmas is supposed to be about.   Don't you think?   

Perhaps you're thinking - she's a scrooge, or maybe she's just Christmas'ed out.

But seriously people - who does not dread (too strong of a word?) the wind up?     So, tell me, am I just being scrooge-y, or does anyone out there feel the same?    Go ahead, if you disagree, call me out - I am honestly interested in how other people experience Christmas.

In the meantime, our pooch was in full form once again - she waited patiently for her papparazzi.

Merry Christmas (+ 2 days) from Hub and me!!

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