Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Welcome to my new home!!!!

Welcome to my new home!     I've been working on this design for about a month now, and today is the day for goin' LIVE!!!!  Woot Woot!!!

I moved over to Blogger here as it's so much easier to customize - and God knows I like beautiful things, so, well, here we are - just a little more beautified.

Would love to hear what you think - please leave me a comment here below the post.      I'm open to ideas.    No idea is a bad idea, is what I say.

Oh, and if you are so inclined :), maybe "follow me" along over there on the right side, or RSS (Subscribe button) or an email subscription.    But only if you've been liking what you've been gettin'.

In the meantime, it's winter, let it snow (it's going to anyway).     I love this tree.


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!! Looks great!

  2. Sue, it looks amazing! Great colors and so bright and inspiring:)