Monday, December 6, 2010

What's good about being 40-something......

I think it’s about time we talked about all the great things about being 40-something (or maybe you’re 30 or 20-something, and some of these resonate with you).

1.     When you say no, you mean no – and no, it’s not personal.

2.     When you say yes, you mean yes, no alternative motives.

3.     You are very aware of how others make you feel – or don’t feel in some cases – and take note.

4.    Being alone is cherished instead of feared.

5.    Cellulite on your butt doesn’t matter.

6.   You know who your real friends are, and likely, there aren’t that many (and that’s OK).

7.    You realize how little people are thinking about you, and that’s a good thing.

8.   You worry less about what road to take, ‘cause you’ve likely travelled many (if you’re anything like me) and they aren’t so scary anymore.

9.    Money isn’t viewed as such a hardship –but rather a positive thing.

10.   You’ve figured out some of the things that bring you joy, and repeat them.

11.   You’re OK to be in separate room as your partner and not think the sky is falling.

12.   You’ve figured out what your life purpose is (or maybe you haven’t but you have some ideas at least)

13.   You now understand your parents.

14.   You worry less about what people think of you (see #7)

15.    You have a personal style all of your own.

16.    Eating a cupcake is not going to make you fat!

keep calm

OK, so that’s a few of my thoughts on “what’s good about being 40-something”.   Please share some of yours?

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