Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Beautiful things, beautiful season - yes?

In an attempt to be less scrooge-y, I decided to find some beautiful things to share with you.    This will be one of my 2011 projects - to find more beauty around me.   This could be nature, people, moments, or things.    Afterall, I titled this blog-project, "The Life BEAUTIFUL Project", and that it shall be.

Parfum and lilacs - two of my fav's.     In fact, I think I need a new scent for 2011.

I love pretty shoes - use your imagination on what this outfit could look like - love.

"Lean on Me" - if only we paid more attention to the messages in nature.

I just love this on so many levels - casual, clean, pretty, healthy, simple.

So that, my friends, are my beautiful things for today.   Go forth and find all the beauty you can in your world.  Speaking of beauty - I'm off to go bathing suit shopping with a friend - thankfully I'm the "honest opinion" who is tagging along.   

Happy Day!

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