Friday, October 8, 2010

Gratitude for gratitude

So, we headed out of town this weekend, making the trek up to the "Gateway to the North",  North Bay, to spend time with my sister's fam.    We picked up my sis and my Mom Saturday morning and away we went.   The drive was just lovely, with all the autumn colours, rich blue skies and navy blue waters.     And as the four of us made our way north, we contiuously pointed to the vistas ahead of us, and really, all around us (not much up there other than trees :)).      Our road trip was filled with gratitude and wonder, without us really even realizing it.

Let's get to the food!!      Thanksgiving dinner was, once again, truly amazing.     My sister is a great cook - I think we all have a natural flair for it (thanks to Mom Sally). 

Dinner consisted of turkey (of course), our signature roasted garlic, gratin and chive mashed potatoes (OMG, message me if you want this recipe!), turnips, and the most scrumptious stuffing, which will be a keeper at my house.

And of course, pumpkin pie, which I am still thinking about.     YUMBO - is all I have to say.     Am thinking about heading out to M&M's to pick one up for home here.     And possibly the fake whipped cream in the can.    Ahhhhh.

As I finish off this post, I think about how fortunate we are to have amazing food, the means by which to put on such an amazing and elaborate spread for our families, and the health by which to enjoy it. 

But most of all, I am thankful for the  feeling of thankfulness.     I wonder sometimes, if we get halfway - meaning, we are thankful, we have gratitude, but then don't stop and feel how good it feels to be thankful.      My project for today (amongst many others) is to carry this feeling through the whole day - gratitude for gratitude - afterall, today is Thanksgiving.

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