Thursday, October 28, 2010

Blank Screen

Been a few days since I’ve written – no reason really.      Just feeling a little “input-less”.       My new word.
Have  had a bit of a tough week, well 6 days actually, am expecting tomorrow to be FANTASTIC though, so I am hereby declaring my slump (funk?) over!!     Hear me universe??!!!!

So, Halloween is coming up, we’re in a new house, we are in a kid friendly zone, guess we better go get some chocolate.     OK, so this makes me happy.    God darnnit, what is not to love about mini chocolate bars!!???

I’ve decided that for the next few days I will search for a costume for Layla.     She loves to dress up and she loves to have her picture taken whilst dressed up (sounds a bit internet worthy doesn’t it?)  :)
Here is our Layla, posing so proudly for the papparazzi.        More of the same expected for Sunday!.

Layla at Christmas 2009 006
Rudolph in disguise.

A bumblebee, of course!!!

And again, but oh so proud this time.

Layla headlampjpeg
A Chilean miner, with all due respect.

Layla 4jpeg
Ready to go to the party!

Happy week o’chocolate fest!!!!

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