Sunday, October 17, 2010

Easy like Sunday morning....

It’s Sunday morning, it’s 9:37 am, and I am still lying in bed.    Ahhhhhhh….   We’ve been awake since 6:30 (pretty early considering we had a party last night and went to bed at midnight).       We’ve been up a few times for coffee, some eats, to make more coffee, and to get more reading material.

I’m liking this I gotta say.     If this is what my ND had in mind by ‘filling the tank’, then I’m down with it.
Noooo, JK.    I am heading to a yoga class at 2:00 this afternoon.     AND I AM GOING TO LOVE IT!!     Ashley from Calmly and Chaotic tells me that PranaShanti here in Ottawa is like going to a beautiful spa.       I like beautiful spas.     I like doing yoga in beautiful spa like settings.  Yes, yes, I do.

This is the “Body Room” at PranaShanti.

Tonight we are off to see the one and only Roger Waters.    For those of you younger than I, he was the bassist in Pink Floyd.    My husband is pumped, I………am the support wife.      I think I am more looking forward to Marshie’s chicken wings before hand.

Ah well……a good rockin’ concert is good for the soul, some (?) say.
Here's to “another brick in the wall”……….Happy easy Sunday.


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