Saturday, October 2, 2010

The joy in the alternative

Yesterday I had the good fortune of being introduced to one of the most loveliest women I’ve ever met.       She was kind, attentive, gentle, compassionate, warm, and had the most beautiful energy.      Being in her presence instilled immediate optimism.

She was an  N.D.    Yup, that’s right a Naturopathic Doctor.       Admittedly, this is a form of medicine I knew(know) nothing about.    My mom was a nurse, and hence Western medicine was the only way of thinking in our house.     I always thought that anything other than Western Medicine was a little airy-fairy and did not, and could not, carry its weight.

We spent 90 minutes discussing my health, my hobbies, my interests, my physical fitness, my nutrition, stress levels, happiness levels – you name it.   You see, in Naturopathic medicine all of these things are inter-related.   It’s a holistic approach.  

As suspected, and one of the key reasons I was was there, my hormones are wacked out, my adrenals are taxed and my liver is working overtime (could it be the red wine habit I have, I wonder?),    So while Western medicine would, and has, explained my feelings as depression, or low seratonin levels, this amazing woman quickly realized that it’s more than that.    She explained that it goes deeper than that, and her job is to find the cause and address the cause, rather than treat the symptom.    I buy that!   I buy that 100%.
So my journey of Naturopathic medicine starts with a Liver cleanse.      Most important to hormone balance is a healthy liver, she says.     I’m good with that.    I appreciate a healthy liver as much as the next person.        When I asked her if I had to forego my occasional (OK, maybe more than occasional) glass of red wine, she replied, “not required.”    YES!!!!!

Here’s to a healthy liver, calm hormones, and a nice glass of Malbec.


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