Friday, October 1, 2010

Like going swimming......

You know, I’ve been working on setting up this blog for about…….2 weeks.      Inching a little closer and a little closer, but still, hesitation.        “Why?”  I ask myself.     “Why are you just not plunging in?”     And then I realized, being the cottage kid that I am  (I say “am” [present tense] - ‘cause once a cottage kid always a cottage kid) that this feels a lot like the first swim of summer.  I know I want to, I know I’m going to love it, but I just can’t bring myself to dive in.     So I walk out a little deeper, and a  little deeper still.
Ohhhhh, diving into water when it’s so hot outside, and the sand feels so hot, is just soooo AMAZING.     GAWD what’s not to love?

Well, this is me, standing hip deep in the cool (OK, freakin’ freezing) water DIVING IN!!!!

Wooooooooohooo – so refreshing and new – IT FEELS FANTASTIC!

Welcome to my blog, and my very first post.   Thanks for diving in with me!
(just hit “post”!!)

                                     diving in

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