Sunday, October 3, 2010

The perfect day after a perfect night

Saw the amazing Diana Krall last night at Ottawa’s National Arts Center with our friends, Nat and Al.      While we were late for the cocktail party, arriving just as the lights were flickering, we easily managed to have an awesome night.       Diana Krall is totally amazing, I gotta say.    And while my husband rarely swoons  over  famous women (even though we have the “he/she’s on the list agreement” that every couple seems to have), we both remained starry eyed and speechless through the whole hour, even with very little appreciation for jazz.       She is humble, and kind, and sweet, and shy, almost introverted, which made her even more captivating.      Says alot, doesn’t it?
Then, woke up feeling great this morning.       It felt like crazy, angry hormones were somewhat in check (maybe they too were softened with the awe of Diana Krall :))    Or maybe……one day of my liver cleanse straightened them out.   You know, sorta showed them who’s boss.      All to say, woke up feeling happy and optimistic, which is a first for me in awhile.        So optimistic, I turned to my husband and suggested we head to the Gatineau Park for a hike.     And away we went.     First a stop at Bridgehead for coffee and we headed for the border.     Our 1-hour hike turned into 3 hours – who knew?    We are now a little behind in our Sunday duties, but what the hell. 
I’d rather 3 hours of fall sunshine and fresh air, than cleaning closets.      Now time for a much needed, and much earned Sunday afternoon nap.

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