Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Tax Man - grrrrrr, and "Christian"

I'm officially mad at the Tax Man.  I don't think I'm ever happy with the Tax Man, perhaps indifferent mid-summer or even fall.    But right now, I more more than displeased.     

Maybe I'm mad at my employer for not taking enough tax off.    OK, here's the beef.    I get a modest bonus at work this week;  I quickly assemble the tax stuff and get it to the accountant, and plead and beg him to do a quick analysis just to make sure I'm good, you know "safe" - all I'm looking for is neutral.    

But nooooooooooo, oh, noooooooo, he tells me if his analysis is correct - I owe $5,000K!!!!  OK, seriously - this is not cool.    I'm not cool with this, because this is not cool.

So, my modest bonus that had a home somewhere else, is now going to RRSP's, just so I don't have to owe the Tax Man.

'Nuff venting!     I will focus on wonderful and heartfelt things, AND NOT TAXES!!

Not sure if you've seen this video yet, but it makes me cry.    Every time, it just simply makes me cry.     And in a good way, not a bad way (like taxes makes you cry).


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