Friday, February 11, 2011

Itching to spread my wings......

Oh February - there's nothing like it!     And I don't necessarily mean this in a favorable way.      Having said that, it's minus 6 today and sunny, and I'm pretty sure I saw a couple of drops melting off the roof.   But I know it's temporary, and we likely have six to eight weeks to go before any kind of spring is upon us.     But, optimistically, we still have six to eight weeks to get some delicious travel in.   Because really, let's face it, once winter is over, we are less inclined to "spread our wings" and catch the next next jet outta town.

So, what will it be?    Will it be an Aspen ski trip?  (read:  hard work, but lots of fresh air, exercise and sun).   Or will it be Mexico?  (read: no work, good drinks and food).    Or should it be Vegas?  (read:  pool-side AND some pretty serious entertainment).    

Or could be Aspen with hub AND a 4-day jaunt to a beach with Genny.

All said, let's appreciate winter for what it is - fresh (an understatement) air, blue bird days, toasty fires, pretty snow falls, amazing winter food, and an excellent time to jet off.

Skiing right into Aspen Village
The Little Nell


The No Other - Las Vegas


A beach.

So what have you got planned this winter?     Any vacay's in your near future?

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