Saturday, February 19, 2011

Running - back at it (I hope)

Some of you may remember that I was training for a half (for non runners this means a Half Marathon) when I got injured last summer = plantar fasciitis.     Arrghhhhh.     Drag city.

But I am excited to say that I am participating in a running clinic tomorrow on Chi Running.   

Here's a little exerpt from Chi Running:

"Many injuries are caused by moving your body in ways it is not meant to move. For instance, knees are hinges, yet most runners turn them into shock absorbers. You wouldn’t use a hammer when you need a screw driver.

Chi Running will teach you to run the way your body was designed to, the way you were born to, and will help you prevent and recover more quickly from running injuries. As an added benefit, you’ll run more efficiently, faster and with less effort."
Chi Running

BRING ON EASY RUNNING!! (and that's all I have to say).

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