Wednesday, February 23, 2011

ChaChing Part 2, and a little AI

OK, so here's the update - it's ah-mazzzzzzzing (said Oprah style), how little you spend, when you are actually thinking about it.     Tomorrow is Thursday and day 6 of our Cash-Only project.   And, I am proud to say that we have spent no money, and really, we have none to spend in the near future.    Ya, OK, we have a few groceries we'll need, but we are way under our weekly/monthly budget.   

I should mention, all credit cards are out of my wallet and..... God knows where (my hub took them off the counter, and I assume put them somewhere, but what do I care?  I don't need them).

OK, now let's discuss Stephen Tyler- wow - what is not to love about Stephen Tyler in all things entertainment?   Hmm.....??? Really?     If you haven't caught American Idol yet, and you wish to be entertained, suggest you catch ST on AI.    My goodness, that is some good entertainment.    

 Who is your favorite 80's rocker?

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